Company Profile


Attock Gen Limited (AGL) is the first power sector venture of the Attock Group of Companies and is the first Independent Power Producer (IPP) commissioned under Government of Pakistan’s Policy for Power Generation Projects of 2002. Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan inaugurated Attock Gen Limited’s power plant in an impressive ceremony at Morgah, Rawalpindi on April 07, 2009.

AGL plant with a gross capacity of 165 MW has been designed to achieve maximum efficiency. The Plant configuration consists of 9 reciprocating 16.5 MW furnace oil fired engine generator sets and 9 heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) to provide steam for one 11.6 MW condensing steam turbine. The concept of 9 engines plus one steam turbine in a combined cycle mode, improves the reliability as well as the efficiency. The project is sponsored by The Attock Oil Company and Attock Refinery Limited.

The unique feature of AGL’s power plant is its fuel which is environment friendly RFO which is extracted from the indigenous crude oil processed at the Attock Refinery in Rawalpindi.

Electricity is the engine for the growth for economy and Pakistan is facing severe energy crisis with a shortfall in electrical generation. Commissioning of AGL has not only provided relief to the people of Pakistan from load shedding but also has set a bench mark of excellence for others to follow.